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A proven track record with over 21 years experience fixing home & small business computers, point of sale and embedded systems.  Let us help!


Kevin Bryden is a certified technician with 21+ years of experience. Personalized customer service is his strength.


Have a sick computer? Drop it off, or we'll pick it up at your home or business.


Carbonite is the world's leading cloud storage solution, protecting the data of over 50,000 businesses.


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Repairing Computer

Our Services

Is your home PC not running quite right? Not comfortable installing Windows yourself? We will back up your data and install a fresh copy.. bringing new life to your home machine. Also we will inform you of best practices to keep your machine running in top shape.

We specialize in personalized local support for small businesses including vets, restaurants, dental practices and more. No more waiting weeks for corporate support for your issues.

24/7 Support

For small businesses needing affordable around the clock support options for various business technologies… KDmicro offers competitive pricing with reasonable payment terms. We can reach most places in Central Nova Scotia with-in an hour window.

About Kevin Bryden

In this paragraphy describe Kevin’s early passion for computers. Some of his most essential contracts. Small brief blurb maybe also mentioning some hobbies etc. Just something to make it seem more personal. Maybe mention South Shore related things perhaps?

Live Chat Support Option

We have the answers and if we aren’t able to answer them in house we have a network of experts we consult with to get you the answers you need! Use our live-chat to get an accurate quote for solving your IT problem.